Written by Grainger Lock

We are witches on Halloween! Sing and dance with Bounce Patrol this Halloween - ride your broom, wave your wand, cast a spell and stir your potion like a spooky wicked witch! Grab your broomsticks and let's go flying through the air... Be the witchiest witch the world has seen, when you're a witch on Halloween!


We are witches on Halloween
We cackle giggle and SCREAM
Riding broomsticks through the air
Casting spells everywhere
Be the witchiest witch the world has seen,
When you’re a witch on Halloween

Ride your brooms hehehehe
Wave your wands hehehehe
Cast a spell hehehehe
Stir your potion hehehehe

Verse 1
Welcome to my witches lair
with spooky cobwebs everywhere
Spiders crawl across the floor
There’s a magic mirror on the wall
Who is the witchiest witch of all!


Verse 2
Take a rat’s tail and eye of newt
add them into a simmering soup
that gurgles and bubbles
Hocus pocus toil and trouble
He he he he he


Chorus 1st half
Bridge (no instrumental bars)

We’re the witchiest witches ever seen
We are witches on Halloween!
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