Written by Grainger Lock

Lions Roar song - What Sound does a lion make? Roar like a lion with Bounce Patrol in this fun kids song about animal noises. Let's learn some animal sounds! Featuring some special guests! Our little lion cubs are played by Alyssa's twins, Rachel's little boy and girl, and Jacinta's baby niece 🙂 Can you roar like a lion cub too?


What sound does a lion make? ROAR, ROAR
How does a lion communicate? ROAR, ROAR
The king of the jungle, the leader of the pride,
When a lion roars, all the other animals hide ROAR

Verse 1
Prowl through the jungle, very late at night,
Sneak up on some dinner, And give a great big fright! ROAR
The lioness hunts and the lion protects
They’re big strong kitty cats all the animals respect ROAR


Verse 2
They have big sharp teeth, and the boys have a fluffy mane
They’re super sneaky quiet when they’re hunting on the plain
But when they roar, they’re heard more than 5 miles away
All the animals hear what a lion has to say! ROAR


Lion cubs also love to try to roar too
It’s a roar that’s kind of small, and easy to do

Cubs Chorus
What sound does a lion cub make? raww rawww( little roars)
How does a lion cub communicate? raww raww ( little roars)
They raww when they’re hungry, and when they want some more
And then when they get old enough it turns in to a roar ROAR


Roar like a lion ROAR ROAR
Roar like a lion ROAR ROAR
Roar like a lion ROAR ROAR
Roar like a lion ROAR ROAR

What sound does a lion make? ROARRR!!<a href="https://bouncepatrol.com/project/mary-had-a-little-lamb/">T</a>