Written by Ace Baker and Clair Marlo

Ahoy there matey! Let's go on a pirate adventure on the high seas! Help us dig for treasure, and do the pirate dance. Can you find Pirate Will's parrot? Sing and dance with Bounce Patrol! A fun children's song about pirates. Arrr!


We are the pirates, and this is our tale
We’re standing on the main deck rigging up the sale
Pulling up the anchor, here we go
With an ARRR matey, and a yo ho ho!

We are the pirates, pirates of the ocean
We are the pirates, young and free
We are the pirates, ready for adventure
Digging for the treasure, you and me
We are the pirates

Hahaha harrr

Onward sailors brave and bold
Together we work to find the gold
Batten down the hatches girls and boys
With a shiver me timbers, and a ships ahoy

Swab the deck
Captain, captain I see it
Full speed ahead
Do the pirate dance
Oi oi oi

CHORUS (soft)
Young and free!!!
You and me!!!


C’mon now
We are the pirates
That’s right buck-o
With a Yo ho ho!!<a href="https://bouncepatrol.com/project/mary-had-a-little-lamb/">T</a>