Written by Grainger Lock

Let's do the Skeleton Dance! It's a bouncy Halloween song for children. Get your Halloween costume and shake your dancing bones! First your legs get wobbly, then both your arms do too - can you wobble like a skeleton? Halloween songs for kids and children of all ages. Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween again, so all the skeletons
Do the skeleton dance, the skeleton dance
It’s easier to spin when you don’t have any skin
Do the skeleton dance, the skeleton dance

The skeleton dance is easy for anyone to do
First your legs get wobbly then both your arms do too
So put your elbows up, and spin both your hands around
Bend your knees and jiggle your feet, until we all fall down
It’s boney, creaking, cracking, fun, dancing like a skeleton

Verse 1
Take a step forward, then take a step back
Shake your hands in front of you bones go clickity clack
Lift your leg, keep it straight,
Then bend your knee,
Start jiggling around, it’s fun to be so boney


Verse 2
Skeletons like to shuffle and twist on the spot
Wiggling your clavical (there’s nothing quite so magical)
Bend your arms and lift your elbows out to the side
Shake your tailbone to the left and shake it to the right


Middle 8
Jiggle your head (Do the Skeleton Dance)
Wiggle your fingers (All the skeletons)
Shake your hands (Do the Skelton Dance)
Wobble your bones (All the Skeletons)
Twist your hips (Do the Skeleton Dance)
Flap your elbows (All the Skeletons)
Waggle your feet (All the Skeletons)
Wobble everybody, Come On!


It’s rickety, rackety, clickety clackety, dancing like a skeleton
It’s jingly jangly wibbly wobbly fibbily fobbily fun

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