Originally written and performed by "Clint Perry and the Boo Hoo Crew"

Join Bounce Patrol on an adventure under the sea as we dive underwater in our yellow submarine! There are so many animals to see - can you spot the dolphins, whale and crab? What else can you see from our submarine?


I’m diving down deep in my submarine
I’ve got the ocean around me, it’s blue and green
So many creatures that I have seen
Diving down deep in my submarine

There’s an octopus in his garden
There’s a pod of dolphins swimming by
I think I saw a great white shark
I looked a whale right in the eye


There’s a seahorse out for a ride
There’s a little red crab moving side to side
A stingray or two, through the water they glide
And an eel slithers back to the place that it hides


Whoa-o-o-whoa, submarine
Whoa-o-o-whoa, submarine
I love it here in the deep blue sea
I’ve got miles and miles of ocean stretching in front of me
Millions of colors, like aquamarine
Just me and the world below in my submarine


Whoa-o-o-whoa, submarine
Whoa-o-o-whoa, submarine
Millions of creatures that I have seen
Just me and the world below in my submarine<a href="https://bouncepatrol.com/project/mary-had-a-little-lamb/">T</a>