Bounce Patrol Kids App - Privacy Policy (iOS App Only)

Note this policy only pertains to the iOS App “Bounce Patrol Kids” - for our general website/shop privacy policy please read this here -


Privacy policies can be pretty dense - so we will try and keep this simple. Please rest assured Bounce Patrol does not share any of your personal information with 3rd parties (other than what might be required be any laws in your country). However we don’t actually collect personally identifiable information through this app. We engage a company called Wonderz GMBH - and they provide us with anonymised aggregated usage data (so we know what is popular and what isn’t) but that’s it.  Neither we or Wonderz collect any personally identifiable information.

The exception being if you do reach out for support - we will have a record of your email address and any other information you provide. We don’t typically delete our emails, but we will on your request.

You can read Wonderz privacy policy here -

If you had any specific questions about privacy please email contact us through the website contact form.