Written by Grainger Lock

Halloween Song | Trick or treat - it's time to get spooky! Let's dress up and have Halloween fun! You might see a werewolf, a monster, a pumpkin, a ghost, a witch, a skeleton, a robot and more! There's even a cute little pixie making an appearance 🙂 Thanks for watching our Halloween song for kids. Happy Halloween!


Here comes a skeleton, all black white and boney
Here comes superman, along with a fairy
I can see a werewolf, followed by a ghost
A zany zombie, with a jackerty lantern looking quite handsome

Halloween, Halloween, let’s get spooky
Halloween, Halloween, crazy and kooky
Let’s dress up and have Halloween fun
Trick or treat, trick or treat everyone

Here comes Wonder Woman
And some kind of monster
I see a vampire, dressed like a doctor
How about an alien from mars
A hospital patient with stitches in scars
A pirate, policeman, and a gypsy,
A guardian angel, a cute little pixie


I’m going to eat as many treats as I can eat
Careful you’ll explode!


Here comes Frankenstein (Hello)
And look there’s a gladiator
Save me batman (I’m on my way)
‘Cos here come an alligator (chomp chomp chomp chomp)
A wild witch, a cowboy too
A swamp thing all covered in goo
A mummy that nearly made me scream
A robot, a devil and a beauty queen

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