Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download your videos to watch on my phone/tablet?

Yes! Our videos can be purchased through our Wayokids store for downloading to watch offline – no wifi needed and completely ad-free!
You can download your purchased videos to any device such as computer, mobile or tablet.

Read the Wayokids help article here for a step-by-step guide on how to get the files onto your device. The simplest way to download on iOS is by using the Wayokids app.

We appreciate your support!

Do you perform live shows or tours?

No, we don’t perform live shows. We have young families and are not able to travel for touring, so we are focussed on producing videos only. Maybe in a few years when our kids are a bit older!

What ever happened to Sam (that tall guy dressed as a duck)?

Sam was an original member of Bounce Patrol in our first year. Due to the time commitments required, Sam unfortunately wasn’t able to keep making videos and left the group at the end of 2013.

Where can I purchase or listen to your music?

Our music albums are available for digital purchase or streaming through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Pandora.

We also sell physical CDs in our online store. We ship worldwide! Shipping is from Australia, and takes about 2-4 days to Australia & New Zealand, about 1 week to Asia destinations and 2-3 weeks for other global destinations. 

Do you sell DVDs?

Yes! We sell DVDs in our online store, just visit our shop page.

We ship worldwide. Shipping is from Australia so online orders take about 2-4 days to reach customers in Australia & New Zealand, about 1 week to Asian destinations, and 2-3 weeks to other locations worldwide. 

Where can I find the lyrics to my favourite Bounce Patrol song?

Lyrics for all our songs can be found here on our website, just search for the song. On the video page for that song underneath the YouTube player you will find the lyrics!