Written by Grainger Lock

Trick or treat, it's Halloween! Time for costumes, candy, fun and lots of screams! Bounce Patrol's latest Halloween song for kids. Happy Halloween everyone!


Knocking on doors, trick or treat
From house to house, street to street
Candy, fun and lots of screams
Everybody loves Halloween

I’m all dressed up this Halloween night
Face paint, coloured hair, cobwebs everywhere
There’s werewolves, witches, zombies too
Fairies, x-men, ghosts, boo!

I’ve got my spider earrings, Devil’s horns
I’m munching on some candy corn
Fake blood on my old t-shirt
There’s a bolt through my neck
And it doesn’t even hurt


How many treats have you got?
Do you eat them slowly? Or gobble up the lot?
It’s late and dark, better get home soon
‘Cos if you look up at the sky, it’s a full moon


All the witches laugh
And the fairies grant a wish
The mummies all walk like mummies walk
And the vampires hiss, HISS!


Have a spooky, creepy Halloween
Have a scary, freaky Halloween!<a href="https://bouncepatrol.com/project/mary-had-a-little-lamb/">T</a>