Category: Easter

Magical Easter Sunday

Sing and dance 80s style with Bounce Patrol, and see help us open some surprise Easter eggs! How did the Easter Bunny get that cool stuff in the eggs? It’s a laugh and having fun day! Happy Easter from Bounce Patrol!

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Easter Bunny Bop

Do the Easter Bunny Bop! Have you seen the Easter Bunny? Dance along with Bounce Patrol, and watch out for surprises!
In this children’s Easter Bunny song, you’ll see lots of surprises, and even some surprise eggs!
Sing and Dance with Bounce Patrol! Let’s get up and boogie!

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Sing Along – Santa’s Coming

Sing along with Bounce Patrol’s original kids Christmas song – “Santa’s Coming” with lyrics! It’s Christmas time and that means Santa is on his way – can you hear his sleigh bells ringing?

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Sing along Hippity Hop

Learn to sing along with Bounce Patrol’s Easter Bunny Song for Kids, with lyrics on screen. Hippity hop hop hop, like the Easter Bunny… how many Easter eggs can you find?? Let’s count them up!

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