We are a globally loved children’s Youtube channel. Our friendly faces, bright colourful videos and catchy songs delight families all over the world!
Based in Melbourne, Australia, we produce a mix of original songs and upbeat takes on classic nursery rhymes that both entertain and educate children. With over 150 videos to be enjoyed as well as multiple albums available to purchase or stream, we have hours of content to keep kids bouncing.

Created in 2012 as a way for a group of friends to combine their love of both performing and children’s education, we have since amassed over 5 billion views on our Youtube channel and are streamed by an average of 80,000 listeners monthly on Spotify.

Led by our founder and creative director Shannon Jones, our behind the scenes operations have expanded over the years and now consist of a small passionate team dedicated to making high quality content for children.

Meet the Bounce Patrol Team


Jackson lives with his wife Kate and their dog Jack (who even made an appearance at their wedding!)

Did you know? Jackson is not only in the cast but also works full-time behind the scenes.


Jacinta is a high school drama teacher. She loves helping kids express themselves through the arts.
Did you know? Jacinta appeared in a children’s book when she was 5!


Will is a professional actor, appearing in theatre productions across Australia.
Did you know? Will has 3 nephews and 1 niece!




Alyssa has 3 young children (including a set of twins!) which keep her hands full. And yes – they also love to watch Bounce Patrol!

Did you know? Alyssa hails from Canada but now calls Australia home.


Rachel lives with her husband and 2 young children.
Did you know? Rachel loves to play the piano!




Shannon is our creator and showrunner – the engine behind Bounce Patrol! She produces, directs, choreographs, films and edits our videos; collaborates with our amazing songwriters and audio engineers; performs backup vocals and harmonies; and generally makes the show. Eagle-eyed fans might even be able to spot her making cameo appearances in a video or two… 

Get to know us better

Get to know the Bounce Patrol squad – who has kids? How did we all meet? What was our favourite video? To celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers, we asked what you wanted to know about Bounce Patrol and made this video!