Written by Brian Pearson

Colors song for children! Learn about colors with this fun kids song. What happens when yellow and blue give each other a hug? They turn green! What about red and yellow? They make orange! Fun song for children to help them learn colors.


You are yellow, you know it’s true
You say that I’m crazy but I am blue
But if you were to hug me
You’d know what I mean
We could both turn green
We are colors, beautiful colors
Yellow and red, green and blue
We are colors, beautiful colors
One in a million me and you
You are yellow, that’s what I said
You say that I’m silly, but I am red
But if you were to hug me
You’d see a big change
We could both turn orange
There are many colors
Just look and see
It’s a beautiful world with you and me
But put us all together
And what do you get?
More surprises yet!
One in a million, One in a zillion
One in a million that’s me and you!